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Dear Clients,

Welcome to Tyger Travel International’s Website. Upon further reading, you will discover that we are far from  being the ordinary travel agency.

We opened our doors in 1988 with a mission to offer the most excellent service conceivable to you, our clients.

The business of selling travel has changed greatly since that time: our motto stayed the same. We offer superior service for the select few; our chosen clients.

You, our client, are selected as carefully as you select the travel agent representing you. We do not possess the time to give the same excellent service to everyone who calls our offices, so we prune those who merely are looking for one cheap price or who are travel agency shopping; we often recommend that they would be better off working with another agency.

Occasionally people call to say that they found a certain price and are merely checking to see there is something lower. Our honest response to them is to refer them back to the place that has already begun working for them.

By being selective, we have the time to work longer on your reservation to give you the perfect holiday, adventure trip or even business meeting.

Some of our clients have been with us from the first time we opened our doors and they would not consider switching under any circumstances.

Our clients are as eclectic as we are. We are pleased to be working for a Buddhist Master, several African Safari adventurers, to an amazing number of cruisers who have sailed on almost every type of vessel, to even a Camino Pilgrim.

We are long time devotees of Health and Wellness. We planned several groups and were frequent guests in most of the Superior Spas at Canyon Ranch both in the Berkshires and Tucson.  We have also stayed in the more rugged Lake Austin in Texas.

Of Hungarian birth, I have always enjoyed the spas of Budapest. We have recently acquired co-operation with a major Hungarian Hotel Chain. I invite all my friends to relax and enjoy these affordable thermal spas that Europeans like to keep only to themselves!

We would encourage you to explore our previous small guided groups to get you a flavour of what is possible (please find tab) from “Whisky, Castles and Golf in Scotland”; to our most recent “Romantic Danube Cruises with an extra six days in Budapest.”  Explore, enjoy and call or write in confidence.

Please note that we are affiliated with Travelsavers, one of the larger North American Consortiums.  That means big buying power for each individual booking.

If you wish to work with a truly client committed agency, you have found it.

Magda Gondor

Chief Executive Officer, Travel Manager.